Why I should go to a specialist for my headshots 

There a many different sub-sets of photography. There are people that specialize in weddings, baby photos, family portraits and boudoir. These photographers are practices and extremely proficient in their genera of photography. They can no doubt light and edit an image very well.

Headshot photography is very detail oriented. I have spent years studying and working on these details to achieve an image that conveys the best version of you. As a photographer that specializes in headshot photography I am constantly examining the subtle facial expressions of my subjects looking to coach the expression out that best shows who the person is to the viewer. According to Denver headshot photographer Tom Jamison, your photographer needs to be hyper aware of the little details that make up your headshot to be able to get the best possible result.

When I got married, my wife and I chose a photographer that specialized in wedding photography, not a headshot photographer. A wedding photographer has their system down to be able to capture all of the best moment of the ceremony. They practice and train to be able to achieve that for their wedding clients.

Since a great headshots needs to be an image that conveys the best possible “you” to the viewer, you want this image to be perfect. The easiest way to do this is to hire someone that specializes in headshot photography. A headshot is a simple photograph that has many subtle details that a specialist understands and has trained to be aware of.