What makes Dan Hilton Photography different? 

At Dan Hilton Photography I give clients headshots that are stand out from other headshots. They are as unique as the individual standing in front of my camera. In today's visual world your image matters. Photos are the new storytelling medium. Successful people thoughtfully curate their visual presence as their personal brand.

My photo sessions are a designed to move my clients through a process that will relax and educate them so that their true self shines through in the final images. Getting your picture taken can be an intimidating prospect for a lot of people. You are not an machine that can emote and smile on command, because of that you need time, education and support to get to a point where you can be yourself in front of the camera. It does have to be. My process will have you relaxed and laughing, not uptight. You will look confident, approachable and likeable. As we shoot you will become more relaxed and forget that the camera is even there. Headshot photographer Todd Dring says this is where the best shots come from during the session

I’m Dan Hilton and I create memorable and unique headshots that will get you noticed. You are different and unique, so why shouldn’t your headshot reflect those qualities in a way that will have the viewer saying “I need to meet this person” or “This is the person I want to work with”