What Do Photographer’s Mean by a “Look”

Basically this is just photographer jargon that means a different outfit or a change in how the subject “looks” from photo to photo. Most photographers will charge more for the more different looks. These can include changing the background colour and some will even include wearing glasses as a different “look”. I don’t consider these to be different looks, so bring your glasses and we can see what they look like.

Actors and model prefer to have a chance to have as many “looks” as possible so that they can have an image that will fit for a different role or style that they want to portray.

That’s why I offer unlimited “looks” and unlimited time to get the images that you are happy with. You can bring as many outfits as you want and we will go through them starting with the ones that know will make will make an impression with your new boss or a casting director. By having multiple images with different “looks” you have the ability to tailor your headshot to the situation you are using it for. You definitely want to make sure the casting director can visualize you in the role they are looking to fill. Dallas headshot specialist Judy Babinksi has said that the different “looks” help sell that.