On Location Headshot Sessions 

We provide on location corporate headshot photography services for clients throughout the lower mainland and Sea to Sky corridor. These sessions typically include the same high-quality studio lighting and equipment that is used in are studio sessions as well as personalized coaching and directing for each individual resulting in outstanding and consistent results for your board members, executives and employees.  

To provide the most efficient session for your company we require to know the number of employee that require headshots. Ideally we would want a minimum of 30 minutes with each of your staff. We can can get a good result with less time but the more time we have with each person the better the outcome will be. We review images as we go and at the end of the session to allow each person to selection the shot they prefer. This review time is built into the 30 minutes scheduled for each employee.

Your employees represent your company and your brand. When your team has amazing headshots it reflects positively on you and your business. Duane Furlong says that staff headshots are not just a great thing to provide your current employees but it is also a great tool to help recruit new people to join your company. Any potential new hire that visits your website will see their potential workmates as approachable and fun, making your organization much more attractive to them.