How To Take Your Own Headshot 

I know, why would I be giving advise on DIY headshots. I want to take your headshot, but realize not everyone can afford a professional to take their image. Also once you have tried this and lived with the result of a DIY headshot you will see the value in having a professional do the job.

Regardless of whether you're taking the headshot for your LinkedIn profile, for your personal website, or for some other purpose, the same rules apply.  

1. Ask a Friend to Help

The easiest way to do this is to recruit a friend. In fact, the ideal situation is to find someone who also needs a headshot. You can take turns. If you need a photo N-O-W and no one's free, you can also set up a tripod and/or makeshift tripod (think: book stacks) and use your phone on self-timer. I chatted with Garry Barragan about this topic and he said you are going to want the camera height to end up somewhere around your chin area so it is looking straight at you.

2. Position the Camera Between Yourself and a Natural Light Source

Meaning a window. This is going to get you the best lighting for clean lines and a flattering amount of brightness. 

3. Pick a Neutral Background 

Plain wall, brick wall, or other simple setting. Make sure to check to see if there are any cords or work mess floating around behind you. This all ensures that your face is the focus. 

4. Take a Bunch of Images with Multiple Outfits

Give yourself an hour or two to do this, and bring a few outfit changes. If you're using an iPhone, ask your friend to use burst mode so you get as many photos as possible. Try some different poses, switch outfits, repeat. 

5. Use a Photo Editing Program to Fix Small Issues and Properly Crop

You shouldn't use your Instagram account for this. Seriously, keep filters to a minimum. But use an app like VSCO to increase the brightness on your photo if need be, crop, and straighten.