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It only takes a tenth of a second for someone to form an opinion about you from your photograph!


Your online image is what connects people to you. It’s the first page of the story about your professional self. You are different and unique and it essential that your headshot reflects these qualities.

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What makes a standout headshot:

A genuine expression where you look relaxed, confident and approachable.


For a lot of people it can be an uncomfortable experience to stand in front of a camera.
You might worry, “I’m not photogenic, I don’t look good in pictures!”.

Let me guide you in getting amazing images!

My photo sessions are a designed to move you through a process that relaxes and educates you on how to be yourself in front of the camera and look your best in the final images. As we shoot you will become more relaxed and forget that the camera is even there. You will have more fun than you thought possible.

Are you are ready to take your career to the next level? Start with a professional headshot!


Business Headshots

You are a Vancouver professional who understands the importance of presentation. Your business headshots represent your brand. The trust factor and confidence you exude in your business headshot can move you closer to your goals, whether it’s a new position or better sales.


Actor Headshots

As an actor you constantly work on your craft with workshops and vocal and dialect lessons But your actor headshots get you through the door to your next role. Invest in your future with a professional headshot by a specialist. Get noticed by casting directors and get more auditions, call backs and roles with amazing headshots.


Office headshots on Location

Are your staff headshots a mix of different backgrounds and style? I can have your company looking as professional as it is with headshots that show your staff in the best possible way. I bring a smaller version of my studio to your location using the same lighting and equipment as in the studio. Outstanding images so your company presence has a unified look & style.



Pick a time and date. Book and pay for your session online.


Have a enjoyable, relaxed headshot session. You’ll be amazed how easy it will be.

Get Noticed

You’ve just taken the step to stand out from the crowd, now enjoy the results.

Headshot photographer Vancouver

My clients are smart, vibrant, talented people dedicated to doing their best work in this world. Sending them home with a custom crafted headshot they absolutely love rocks my world.

Dan Hilton-Owner Photographer


What people are saying about Dan Hilton Photography….

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Harvey McKinnon & Associates


Dan took headshots for our company. He was friendly, professional and produced great, natural-looking shots and we highly recommend his services.

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Dan did such a great job - I look better in the photo than I do in real life. He really listened to what I needed the photo to do to present a professional profile for social media. Very pleased and would highly recommend him.

Corporate headshot



Dan was recommended to me by another photographer. It was good advice - he has a calm personality and helped me to relax in front of the camera. The whole experience was better than expected, and I ended up with some very nice pictures.


Headshots near Vancouver 

The Vancouver headshot studio is conveniently located near downtown at 45 East 6th Avenue (near Main Street)

The Squamish headshot studio is located at 7-1024 Glacier View Drive


 Professional Headshots

Having a professional headshot separates you from the competition (many people still use a cell phone selfie for their LinkedIn photo!) You are a professional and your photo should reflect this because you only have seconds to make an impression in today’s digital world. Having professional headshots will have people say “Who is that? I need to work with that person”. Recruiters, potential employers, and important contacts will take a closer look with your professional headshots.

You will feel infinity more confident about yourself, and your online presence, with a professional headshot that will conveys trust and likability to the viewer. Knowing you have the best possible chance to get noticed is an immediate morale booster!

For most people having photos taken can feel intimidating, not to worry! I have developed a process that will relax you and allow your personality to shine through. A vibrant headshot doesn’t need to be hard.



Headshots are a type of portrait, but portraits are not necessarily headshots. Here’s what’s different.

Headshots are a sub section of portraits. With a headshot the focus of the image is the face and a good headshot maintains the focus there. This isn’t always the case with a portrait. With portraits there is a more general focus to create a mood and atmosphere for the image.

In a great headshot the subject has eye contact with the camera/viewer. The cropping is tighter to maintain the focus on the face. The subject’s personality should come through in a headshot, conveyed by their facial expression. For a headshot to connect with the viewer, the expression must be genuine and not forced. A great headshot exudes confidence, approachability and even a sense of fun.


Headshot photographer

If you are looking for a headshot photographer you should consider if this is what they do exclusively. A professional headshot photographer has this as their sole focus. They have studied and practiced the myriad of details that create and amazing images.

Linkedin Headshots

Professional LinkedIn headshots make your profile stand out from your competition. You have only seconds to make an impression. A headshot that conveys trust and likability is key.

Corporate Headshots

Corporate headshots don’t need to be stuffy and posed, but they do need to convey confidence and trust! As a headshot specialist I am trained to create an image that is professional and will have people saying “I need to work with this person”.


Professional Headshot Photographer

I am a professional headshot photographer who specializes in headshots trained to focus on the multitude of details that create a standout headshot. I am dedicated to getting the best possible image of you.


Employee Headshots

Are you looking to update your employee headshots for your company? I come to you and use the same lighting as I use in the studio. I set up a version of my studio at your workplace. This ensures consistent high quality results for all of your staff. Contact me for pricing.

Acting Headshots

Acting headshots are a necessity for all actors. Don’t treat them as just something you have to do. You are willing to invest money on classes and vocal and dialect training. All these things will propel your career forward, but an amazing headshot that captures your ability to play the part you are trying to get are invaluable. Invest in yourself by using a professional headshot photographer for you acting headshots. Get noticed and not passed over.


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